Configure SFL Files in El Capitan via command-line

For my users I was looking for an easy way to configure the favorite network shares in Finder – Go – Connect to Server.

I found out that those¬†favorites are located in “~/Library/Application Support/”

There is also the sfl file for the finder sidebar items “”

Now how do we configure a favorite item in the sidebar or a favorite network share?

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Post something with curl to Slack

I made a simple Script to Post something via curl to your Slack channel

In my case I will just call at the end of the workflow in Deploystudio a script which contains the following:

#token="your token here"
#channel="your channel id here"
#slackuser="bot username"

curl --data "token=${token}&channel=${channel}&username=${slackuser}&text=Worfklow: ${workflowname} completed successfully with Hostname: ${hostname} initiated by ${dsuser}"

You can get your token here